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Easy-to-use APIs for storage, device management,
alerts/notifications and reporting.

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Enterprise Power. Simple API.

Our focus on simplicity helps you develop truly reliable, secure, easy-to-use systems.

Build real, IoT apps, fast.

Complexity is out. People want applications that are easy-to-use, task-focused and reliable. Developers want tools that help them build awesome apps fast.

The dweet.io platform provides everything you need to developer robust, scaleable and secure IoT applications quickly, using an intuitive UI, well-documented API and responsive support.

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Simplicity sells.

The dweet.io platform powers the IoT develoment environments for some of the largest, most demanding organizations in the world. Verizon's Thingspace and Ford Motor Company's OpenXC development platforms integrate dweet (and freeboard™). Renesas Electronics, the world’s largest microcontroller manufacturer, adopted Bug Labs' platforms to globally support their new Synergy line of products.

These companies, and many more, chose dweet for its simplicity, power and security. Their customers like it for the exact same reasons. Learn more...

Prototype. Deploy. Repeat.

A couple lines of code are all you need to get your devices talking. Data storage, real-time alerts, device provisioning, and more, are equally simple to set up and get running. Check out the API.

Once your direction is established, dweet.io scales seamlessly to hundreds or thousands of devices, whatever is needed for production. Device libraries, app templates and open source code repositories are all available free of charge too ensure innovation never stumbles over unnecessary financial obstacles. Learn more...

(Screenshot: Node.js code

Choose your model.

Dweet.io gives you the flexibility to deploy your devices in either a public or private mode. Publicly dweeting devices are not charged a fee for usage. To take advantage of our enterprise features, dweet provides device management and provisioning features based on locks, which can be purchased here.

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