Simple, secure, enterprise performance.

The industry's most popular IoT messaging platform,
now available with new, enterprise-ready features and functions.

Core Features.

Designed for developers

Simple, well-documented API. Get right into coding, not deciphering documentation.
Scale effortlessly. Focus on your applications not the messaging infrastructure.

Manage Deployments

Intuitive interface. Provision devices, update software, adjust permissions, and more.
Integrated security. Auto-assignment and removal of locks makes secure communications easy.

Set Alerts

Real-time notifications Quickly develop alerts and notifications that keep you informed.
Supports SMS, email, text-to-speech. Use the communications method that suits you best.

Integrated Visualizations

Freeboard™ Instantly convert dweet data streams into stunning, interactive visualizations and dashboards.
Share securely. Easily share your freeboards and control access for individuals or groups.

Organize Users

Flexible user hierarchy. Utilize dweet's multi-tier account structure to support the business model you need - direct to consumer, distributer, white label, and more.
Fine-grained permissions. Leverage account privileges to easily control access to connected devices.

Analyze and Report

Unlimited storage. Want to store dweet data streams? No problem. Use dweet's storage API to store and retrieve it all.
Supports popular reporting tools. Take advantage of dweet's exporting capabilites to support your favorite reporting tools.

An Eye to the Future

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a dynamic, rapidly growing movement and Bug Labs is continuously evolving to meet the needs of their global customer base. The imperative to adopt and benefit from IoT technologies is emerging in virtually every market. Our focus on simplicity, openness and innovation helps us build products that enable customers to operate more efficiently, capture new markets and drive competitive differentiation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Dweet helps you develop real-time applications. Markets ranging from health/wellness to retail to industrial are all benefiting from access to real-time data. Remote monitoring and control, dynamic pricing, artificial intelligence, are great examples of application categories being explored. Dweet provides the tools you need to get devices (Things) publishing data on the Internet quickly, and the management tools to stay in control once you deploy.
Anything that can establish a TCP/IP connection on the Internet. Choose from our growing library of dweet connectors or quickly develop your own.
Using dweet's public API is a great way to get started and/or setup devices that you want everyone to easily access. On the other hand, the public API does not allow you to take advantage of dweet's advanced options - storage, alerts, device management and user hierarchies.
Yes. With dweet you can easily set up different classes of user, each with distinct privileges. You can also use this feature to set up white-label services for your product.
All of the dweet connector code libraries are open source, as are the mobile applications.

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