Lock your things

Locks allow you to protect and reserve your things so that only people (and things) with special keys can access it. Once you lock a thing, the name of that thing cannot be used by anyone else.

Buy Locks

Locks are just $1.99 a month and will be emailed to you as soon as you check out. Locks come with 30 day storage for each locked dweet. That's up to 2.5 million dweets a month! If you need more storage, just get in touch. We're working on additional storage plans and value your input.
Total: $ / month

Manage Your Locks

For more help, Email hello@dweet.io

Use Your Locks

Locking your thing via the web API:
From now on, your thing can only be accessed with your unique key.
To access a locked thing, just pass a parameter called key to any API call, for example:



To unlock a thing:
To remove a lock (no matter what it's connected to):